Gala Stage additions to bringing innovative concepts to the international marketplace and it also adopted this principle and supports all the work it has done and will do with technical solutions.


Gala Stage Mechanical Systems has been taken part in many projects particularly in Turkey and as well as aborad in the World


High-Level technical office equipped and best trained staff of engineers, TUV and world standarts with high safety technology, integrated system solutions for mechanical and electrical equipment, silent operation and more.


Gala Stage Mechanical Systems sends you the tests, trainings and necessary documentation of every system that has been installed and put in use. Even if the system has completed the "Warranty" period, our service team enters the "Lifetime Warranty" tracking system and the 24/7 assistance process is carried out to ensure that the systems operate smoothly.



Concert, Election and Fair

Portable performance venues made of 6082 alloy aluminum that can be installed and removed for their organization.

Product Code: GL 30M - GL 40M - GL 52M

Product Description: Our product, which is also known as the stair truss system, is used for light loads with being a small and simple system from outside to outside with a size of 30 cm. It is a system specially designed for use in decorative applications. Quick mounting is possible thanks to pin, spring and conical connection. It is possible to carry out different colors applications with static powder paint besides aluminum color itself. The lengths in standard and spacing allow for the application of any special designs with different angular corner connections.

Product Code: GL 30D - GL 40D - GL 52D

Product Description:It is suitable to use flat elements as bending durability stress exposed or standard tower element. It guarantees durability and stability using 2 mm and 3 mm meat thickness. It is designed for installations requiring high frequency use or more loading. Ideal scissors system for rental, touring and exhibition companies.

Product Code: GL 30T - GL 40T - GL 52T

Product Description:Triangular Truss Triangular cage with equal-profile geometry for larger loads. The straight elements borrow themselves perfectly to extend the twist stress resistant spans by as much as 12 meters (39 feet). It is designed for installations requiring high frequency use or more loading.

Product Code: GL 30T - GL 40T - GL 52T - GL 30D - GL 40D - GL 52D

Product Description:Curved or circular trusses are produced in different diameters and grades.

Product Code: GL 30D - GL 40D

Product Description:Thanks to its square profile geometry and complex diagonal support, TOWER Truss exhibits the same stiffness both vertically and horizontally, and thus can be used as support for large spans in Rock and Roll Productions and Pre Rig, and is the main trunk. In the majority of the Tower Roof Systems, 4mm wall thickness reduces transport damage and guarantees extreme durability.

Product Code: Truss Çatı Sistemleri

Product Description:As Gala Truss; oval triangular roof systems. A lightweight system is preferred because it is both cost effective and can keep the amount of load on the truss system at the minimum level. We can manufacture in the special dimensions desired.


Stagemaker & Gala Mode v6

The new generation electric chain crane has been redesigned for body and structure with reliability and safety continuity.


- Saving

- Provides Ease of Operation

- Improved ergonomics

Verlinde is Stagemak Chain Engine System

Product Description: STAGEMAKER SR is the result of our vast experience in the entertainment market, along with well-established AR-GE and relationships with customers around the world. STAGEMAKER has an excellent world-wide reputation with more than 37 years experience in the entertainment handbag market. Our long lifetime, along with our impressive customer references, proves the credibility and creativity of our commitment to this market and our products.

STAGEMAKER SR will further prove that Stagemaker increases the Performance Standard in the entertainment equipment market, with support for policies based on this category of innovation policy and ongoing development based on existing technologies.

Mode V6 Chain Motor System

Product Description:V6 IS The new generation electric chain crane has been redesigned for body and structure with reliability and safety continuity. When the load sensor is built for the first time, the new crane is more functional for different uses, and the customization is in a wide range. Any use is ready.


Aluminum Frame and

Bal Peteği (Plywood) The stage of the desired size is established with the side-by-side connection of the podiums, Portable tribune structure is achieved thanks to aluminum feet at different heights.

Portable Stage Podium

Portable Stage (Portable Podium) we produce in European and World Standards 2mtx 1mt honey platted patterned foil film coated playwood, frame made of birch wood and aluminum special molds. It is possible to create the desired size scenery by installing with the help of the side-by-side connection with the feature of montage shape. Portable tribune structure is one of the most distinctive features thanks to the aluminum feet at different heights.


Usually Hotel and Wedding

The dance floor used in the halls provides practical installation convenience thanks to the aluminum feminine engagement profiles. This product which can be set up at the desired size and height can be produced in all wooden colors.

Portable Dance Floor

Genellikle hotel ve düğün salonlarında kullanılan dans pisti, alüminyum kilit sistemi sağlayan profiller sayesinde pratik kurulum kolaylığı sağlamaktadır. İstenilen en ve boyda kurulabilen bu ürün tüm ahşap renklerinde üretilebilmektedir. Yere sıfır kurulum yapılmasını sağlayan alüminyum rampalar sayesinde tüm zeminlere uygun oluşu ürün piyasa değeri açısından önem kazandırmaktadır.



Banquet product design and special hotel equipment production can be done according to the order of the order.

Banquet Hotel Equipments

Galatruss is the first in the banquet hotel equipment; we offer durable, durable equipment needed for conference rooms with high quality and economical prices with folding podium, podium car, service cart, table cart, folding table, talking chair, hilton chair, chair carriage, tiffanny chair product options .



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